Friday, May 10, 2013

Proma Drama

Teenage Prom Drama

Teenager:  Mom, I need a suit for Prom.
Me:  Okay, when is it?  (Teenager in question is a sophomore, so Prom is not on my radar.)
Teenager: Saturday. 
Me: Saturday? THIS Saturday? Are you serious? The Saturday that's two days from now?!
Teenager: Um... yes.
Me: Who is this?
Teenager: A senior. She bought the tickets and says we'll just go as friends. She say's I don't need a tux.

Teenager:  Well, I can tell her no.
Me:  No, you can't. This is this girl's senior prom. You can't back out 2 days before. What is this girl's name so I can stop calling her "This Girl"
Me: Is this the same girl your brother had a date with?
Teenager (Surprised look on face): ...Yes?
Me:  Many words I cannot say.You are going to have to make this right with your brother. 

Me: Do you know anything about her dress? What color is it? 

I call the mom of a child I know is going to the Prom to find out all the info I might need. She lets me know that it is too late to rent a tuxedo without a huge late fee.  This boy needs a suit. He need's a cheap suit. 

We go to the first place I can think of to get him a suit (because a tux is just not going to happen). I tell the salesman the drama and that we want inexpensive and on sale if possible. He hooks us up. One of the sleeves is too short. Now, we need alterations. Fortunately they can get that done in a day. Onto the shirt and a tie.

During the trying on of shirts and the picking out of ties I realize that I need to source flowers. He needs to get her a corsage. He lets me know that her dress is "red". OMG! there are so many shades of red. 

Me:  Can you text her?
Teenager: I don't have her number. We email.

Fantastic. Okay, white flowers. They go with everything. Drive to the florist shop. Closed. We missed them by 20 minutes. Add this to the list of things I need to make happen tomorrow.

Me:  I'm going to yell at you for a little while and then I'll be done.  I want you to go and have a good time. Remember this is her Senior Prom. You are her date.  

Vent on Facebook. 

Drive to florist shop as soon as they open. YAY! They can manage a corsage by tomorrow. I can pick it up at 3pm. (Prom arrival time is 6:30). Wash the new shirt. Suit pick up time is 8pm. Boy wants to know why he has to come with to pick it up. Mother growling noises ensue. Suit looks nice. 

Boy off to rehearsal. Due home at 3:30. I iron his new shirt and dress slacks. I pick up the flowers. They look just fine. Boy home from rehearsal, fed, showered, and dressed. Issue with brother resolved . Teenager looks so grown up. Drive teenager to Prom. Meet girl and her mother. 

Find out that the girl has learned of my Facebook venting  (long chain of unlikely connections) and has been worried that my teenager wasn't going to show up. I feel REALLY bad about that and assure her that I don't hate her. My Facebook venting was more along the lines of irritation at MY teenager for waiting so long to tell me. 

Both of them had a great time at the Prom. It all works out in the end.