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Review of Sony Shower Radio. Buyer BEWARE.

Sony ICFS79W AM/FM/Weather Band Digital Tuner Shower Radio

We have one shower in our house. Time management in the morning has been an ongoing issue. The solution was to buy a shower radio. This was given as a gift to our household in 2012.

INITIAL REVIEW: Bought this in December as a gift. It was put into service in the beginning of January. Four months in and all of a sudden the radio will not turn on. I replaced the batteries. The radio will now turn on, but will not turn off. In order to turn it off, a battery must be removed.

This radio does not get wet. My next step is to contact Sony, but based on other reviewers, here, I do not have high hopes for a positive outcome.

UPDATE 11/2013: I STRONGLY advise against purchasing this radio. Since it was out of warranty and we could not get Sony to help at all, my husband decided to take it apart to diagnose the problem. He discovered that the top of the radio where the buttons are, is not watertight. The small amount of water that drips off a hand while turning the unit off and on managed to leak inside and rot the electric traces on the circuit board.

This is a manufacturer's defect. Defective parts. This should be within the warranty period. A 30 minute phone call to various Sony customer "service" people has determined that there is a replacement part available. However, Sony will not send us one, or even sell us one. No. We have to pay them $29 for them to repair the radio. Because he shmoozes well, he found out that Sony won't actually repair the radio, but instead replace it.

RIDICULOUS. This radio was over $50. Send Sony another $30 so that they can send me another unit that will have the same issue, so that in a couple of months I can go through this frustration all over again? NO THANKS. No way will I throw good money after bad. 

Instead, I will tell everyone who will listen about Sony's new much lower standards. Additionally, I will think VERY carefully about purchasing any Sony electronics in the future.  That expensive PS4 that the kids want? Not so sure that's going to happen.